We all breathe the same air,

air is truly catholic,

and the air we breathe is toxic,

laden still with the fine white dust of death.

When your house is infiltrated with asbestos

you have a couple of choices:

abandon the house,

demolish diligently and rebuild,

or die of the disease.

Well, the last is not a choice,

it happens.

Asbestos is not something

you can get over

move on from

find closure for

or ultimately, ignore,

because it will gnaw

into your lungs and the lining of your gut

and kill you.

And you, and you

who lived in the house oblivious

or ostrich- like recalcitrant to believe,

you are more gravely ill than the targeted

if you think to maintain the house as it was.

If you own the house, if you inhabit the house,

you have to own that you own it.

Once a house exudes the abuse of asbestos

its people can only be saved by