Baggot St Suite: Callaghan Room

Praise God for you
William and Catherine Callaghan,
who led that other Catherine to many years
of bedside reading
inscribing on her heart the dynamic word,
the word finding her a ready memory,
the word falling into rich soil,
buried for later in the earth of daily devotion;
the word smoored in the hearth,
banked down for the great fire of tomorrow.

Thank you Callaghans
for your gracious silences,
for your hospitable kindnesses,
for your need of her care,
a barren couple
whose legacy was life through her life,
gift which became her gift,
a small mercy made large by
the kindnesses of that one house Coolock,
whose inner light
yet radiates God’s love.

She must have loved you to have brought with her
so much that reminded of life with you,
so much more than mere things,
however fine,
imbued with memory and meaning,
tokens of fondness and blessing for her.

Intercede for us, Catherine and William,
that our mercy
may always be informed by the inner light
of right silences,
the strength of right conviction,
the belief in each one’s dignity.

Mercy Heritage