Blessing of Belonging

(invite all to respond “Amen” at the end of each line.)


Creator God, bless and affirm our belonging.

Jesus our Shepherd-Friend, purify and protect our belonging.

Spirit our Wisdom, guide and enlighten our belonging.

May our belonging be a healing balm.

May our belonging be a supportive hand.

May our belonging be an encouraging voice.

May we help one another to create the ordinary and the great.

May we free one another to speak the shy truths as well as the words that rise easily.

May we respond tenderly to our frail and needy, our troubled and uncertain.

May we affirm the daily fidelity of each one, and our fidelity to one another.

May we acknowledge with joy the unique gift that is our belonging.

May our belonging empower us to reach beyond to welcome and shelter others.

May our belonging free us to live radically within the broader arenas of Church and World.

May we treasure the companions of the past who shaped and shared our belonging,

as we move together into the future with hope.

In the name of that great exemplar of belonging, the Trinity of Love.