From the rich nutriment of Rahamim,
womb of God,
from Hesed,
the inmost being of God,
from the secret radiance of mercy
in which the eternal Three
thrive and delight in their threeness,
at calm and supreme in their oneness,
is given to the unseeing world
the mystery of Jesus.
From the amazement of a woman’s womb
the unspeakable Word is uttered.
Mercy made human
grows to see the cost and the wonder,
knows in his depths the depths of all terror,
is at home in the kindest deeds,
endures in his heart the paradox of being creature-
beloved and victim,
servant and Lord.
Jesus, mercy,
in the wideness of the world,
in the hidden strictures of our own hearts,
Your face is found.
Your gaze will meet ours.
Lead us to look in the right places
this year of years,
O Emmanuel,
God with us.