The thirteen feet high Cross of the Scriptures at Clonmacnoise-
Sandstone massive block divided into horizontal scenes of carved figures.
A thousand years of wind and weather.
Soldiers guard Jesus in the tomb.
To one side, a woman waits.
Corpse prostrate, hard-pressed.
A stone slab covers the length of the trussed body.
Stone soldiers stand on the slab, adding weight to weight.
Dead definitely, the body under stone.
All lost, all lament.
But wait.
A tiny stone bird slips by, flies into the mouth of the corpse.
A unique, distinctive little feathered stone creature.
A tiny wren darts.
The soul returns. Life, joy, amazement.
A small bird finds its way past the death-dealers.
Stone will fly.
Death be not proud.
Spirit will have its way.

Hope and Healing