Song of Mary Magdalen

Man of dreams,
to whom my heart warms,
dares me to dream with him,
gently of hope he sings,
‘Believe in my love,’ he said.

Man of mercy,
from whom my heart learns:
his tender carings bless
poor, frail and powerless.
‘Serve me in them,’ he said.

Man of sorrow,
for whom my heart weeps:
life cruelly crucified:
grief-day, my good has died.
‘Stay with me here,’ he said.

Man of miracle,
in whom my heart joys:
the name is simply said,
he risen from the dead.
‘Tell them of this,’ he said.

Such is my beloved,
such is my friend:
Creator’s son,
spirit’s true one:
wonder of all the world,
Jesus-Lord, Emmanuel, Word.