Baggot St Suite: Chapel

Silence seems the right word for the place,
sitting in the deep silence.
And then old words come,
ancient words sung and spoken,
one voice and together:
Over and over in the simplicity of chant,
enhanced by the rich resonances of a vaulted ceiling,
the ancient voices sing.
So many women’s voices singing women’s songs
and in the coloured glass high up to either side
with the expected heroes, the great heroines of the faith:
Brigid of Kildare, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila:
all mission-contemplatives,
activists and women of spirit,
a feisty feminine trio.
Who made these choices for the windows,
what were they meant to inspire in those who looked at them?
Admit me to their company
that I may sit with them in attendance to your Word.
Bring me to that ancient silence,
lead me to that ancient song.

Mercy Heritage