For My Mother (1924-1997)

Carry her, O God,
this fine soul-boat,
upon the vast ocean of Your love.

Carry her on waters calm and gracious
to the island of Eternity.

Carry her on currents of mercy,
waves of joy.

She is a sacred, spirited vessel.

We vouch, O God,
for her faithfulness,
her kindness,
her wisdom and wit,
her strength, her suffering,
her zest for life,
her goodness of heart.

She loved us.

Our pain is great at her going from us,
but hope we have in knowing
she is bound for the harbour of Your Presence.

Let Jesus be there to greet her,
Mary and Joseph and all the saints to embrace,
and her own kin to welcome her ashore.

May her voyage to You
be buoyed by the love that we have for her,
the loss we feel of her,
and the memories we cherish in kinship.

May we have by that kinship
some share in her spirit
and thus some share, O God, in Yours.
With all our love.

Grief and Loss