A hum came from the earth
through my feet
right to my heart.
It found my throat
and used my voice
and my hands stretched
outwards, upwards,
to the sky.
This hum, so resonant,
brought all the under-forces
and led them, through me to the air.
I was the channel
between the earth and the sky and the song
poured effortlessly,
rich, sweet and rare.
It was not a reed-like song.
It was a sound
of the earth’s vibrations,
a tone from the centre
yet one with the air to which it was uttered.
It brought with it all the hidden things:
water-spring, cave, mineral reef, seed-
all that is bright and bountiful but unseen.
And it sang this song in me,
to the vast lucent dome of sky,
to the moving clouds, all colours,
and the birds and grass
and the half-ring of trees.
The sun diffused
and slid slowly down,
and my feet rocked,
glad and grounded
as my arms begged to be given flight.

The Natural World