To This Land

To this land and people God has given a word,
Touchstone for living, a light for our path.
From the depths of God’s spirit , from the heart of God’s love,
This pledge made of Mercy is God’s goodness at work.

What are the meanings this word has for us?
It shows God is tender; we are loved to the core.
It calls us to be open to love for our life,
Guided and cherished as God’s very own.

With hearts glad and thankful, in brown land and green,
Through drought times and plenty, Christ’s way can be seen:
To care for our kindred, to reach those in need,
To welcome the stranger, to live mercy in deed.

Blessing of Mercy to you and to yours;
God’s love around you give faith strong and sure.
Life is for kindness and kindness of God,
Blessing of mercy to you, one and all.

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